Grading FAQs

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact us.

How often do we take submissions?

We do submissions to PSA, BGS, and SGC every month unless stated otherwise.

Where do we drop-off/mail our cards to?

If you would like to mail cards to us, please use this address for Canada Post:

PO Box 26126

For FedEx/UPS, please contact us.

Do I need to drop-off or ship my cards in semi-rigid holders (card savers)?

No, although semi-rigids (card savers) are recommended. You can also put your cards in protective holders such as top loaders or one-touches. We will provide semi-rigids if you do not supply your cards in them.

What does the cleaning service provide?

We assess the condition of the card and provide any noteworthy feedback. A wipe-down of the card with a microfibre cloth will be done to clear off any dust. We do not use any liquids or other materials on your card. Afterwards, cards will be put into new sleeves and semirigids with tabs.

When will I receive updates?
  • When cards are recieved
  • After cleaning and scanning
  • Invoice for grading fees
  • Shipped and recieved
  • Submission updates (grading process began, grading complete, grades pop, graded cards recieved)
  • When scans of card are ready
What does the pre-grading assessment look like?

Below is a picture of an example of our pre-grading assessment email. The emails include a scan of your cards (after wipe-down, if requested) ready to be sent off along with our recommendations for the grading service to be used if you requested the complementary service.


What happens if multiple people submit the same card?

As a first line of defence, we will have high-resolution scans of each cards. Cards have many unique characteristics such as holograms. We will also note other visual issues with the cards such as centering and any damage that is unique to each card.

PSA grading results are returned back in a specific sequential order to ensure that duplicate cards are not mixed up. PSA receives our cards in the same order as the online submission form. Therefore duplicate cards from two different submitters will never be together and are identified by PSA’s form order (line 1, 2, 3 – 200 if 200cards).

Submissions to Beckett are packaged in different envelopes with details that correspond to the individual submission forms. We make sure duplicate cards from different submitters are not on the same submission form with the same envelope. BGS will also tell us which date its graded.