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We are old time collectors that chased after Crosby and Ovechkin rookies. The 604cards group is the largest collectors group in Vancouver and the lower mainland. We’ve helped facilitate the grading of numerous high-end grails and personal collections. Join our passionate community of collectors and check out our brand ambassadors for breaks and other events. Your cards will be treated with utmost care, by experienced enthusiasts who love this hobby.

How to submit cards to us for grading


Collect Information

We will need the following information

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number (recommended if we need to contact you)
  • Address (only if requesting service by mail)


Bundle cards into groups based on grading service

  • See our Grading page for available services.
    • If you would like us to assess your card and recommend a service, please write “Recommend Service”
  • If card has an autograph, whether you want autograph grade
  • Whether you want our complementary card cleaning (wipe-down) service

Note that you do not need to provide details on each individual card.

Please indicate which service you want for each group of cards, or if you would like a recommendation instead. If it is not clear as to what service, auto-grade, or cleaning a card needs, your grading submission may be delayed as we will have to contact you. Here is an example below:


Safely package your cards

You can use any holders you wish but we recommend toploaders, one touches, or semi-rigids to protect your cards from getting damaged during transport.

We will supply the appropriate holders for grading when we send them off to the grader.


Deliver the cards to us

There are 3 options you can use to deliver your cards to us

  1. Schedule an in-person appointment with one of our ambassadors through their contact methods or booking links here
  2. Mail the cards to us. Please pack your cards securely to prevent damage in transit. There will be return shipping costs if you wish to have your cards sent back via mail.
  3. Visit us at a card show. We are at all major sports collectibles shows across Metro Vancouver region

If you are using Canada Post, please mail them to:

604 Cards
PO Box 26126
Richmond BC V6Y 3V3

For UPS/FedEx please contact us.


Keep an eye on your email

We will contact you via email if there are any problems with your submission

Once your cards are ready to be sent off to the grader, we will send you an email with scans of the cards ready to be sent off. Click here for an example of a pre-grade assessment email.



We will send an email with an invoice for all the grading services. If you requested recommendations for services, we will invoice you according to our recommendations.

The invoice will also list which card is to be sent with which service. If you need any adjustments, please let us know and we will send you an updated invoice.



Once have had a chance to go over the invoice, please send us payment. Payments can be made with EMT (preferred) or PayPal.



Your cards will be sent off to the grader. We will update you via email throughout the grading process. We typically send updates when the cards are:

  • sent off to the grader
  • received by the grader
  • are being graded by the grader
  • finished being graded
  • have been sent back to us
  • have been scanned by us


Graded card Scans

We will provide complementary scans or images of your graded card once we get them back. A link to the gallery will be sent to you via email. Here’s an example of what the gallery looks like:

STEP 10:

Cards Returned

Once all of your cards in your submission have been returned from the grader(s), they will be sorted and sent back all at once to you through the same person/method that was used to deliver to us.

You will receive an email when your cards are ready to be returned. If you need to make any alternative arrangements, please let us know.

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQ

Contact us via live chat (blue bubble below) or through this form.